We are on the same boat… (2013)

Installation I Matadero Madrid Nave 16 (Here Together Now)

The imagery of a projected hand fan striking against a sail emerged in response to the various meanings of the word “strike”, its etymology and the conditions of production.
Strike –to hit forcibly– acquires another meaning –organized cessation of work by employees– in 18th century as sailors refuse to go to the sea and strike down the sails.
The hand strikes an “abanico” (hand fan) –a national cliché, a colonial import, a tool of comfort, leisure, expression and communication– against the sail, creating a poetic image of immobility, impotency, dedication and hope.

“The concept of “being on the move” constitutes another node, the study of things that go and that don’t. İz Öztat’s work began with research on meanings of the word “strike”, which was first used to describe “stopping work” when sailors struck down the topgallant sails of merchant ships to prevent them from sailing. She matches the sail with the “hand fan”, a cliché symbolizing rest and pleasure. Depicting a hand striking a fan against the sail to fill it, Öztat produces a poetic image of a desperate effort, possibly a wild goose chase, but also a hope to achieve the impossible.”

Also shown at: Suspended Song, Co-Pilot, 2013; Reunion, Sakıp Sabancı Museum, 2015