OKU/READ (2008)

Installation I PiST Interdisciplinary Project Space, Istanbul I 2008


Structures with permeable surfaces suggest an inside and an outside. What can pass through? What is left outside? Who decides? Sieves, a tool of separation and homogenization, are used as structural elements, while their surfaces are ornamented to suggest multiple readings. An unvolumetric and transparent architecture is imagined, revealing processes of homogenization and othering. Keeping in mind the previous functions of PiST, different notions of space; private, public and sacred, are evoked with the installation.

Sieves and metal works are produced in collaboration with two ateliers that are threatened to be closed down as a result of recent urban planning in the area. Sieves have been produced in Sabahattin Hanci’s atelier in Tahtakale, with the help of Harun Karayel and Nihat Yılmaz. “Surp Hrant”, “Hacer’ül Esved”, “Chanfron”, and “Chora” are crafted by Arus Tas, Zeki, Arman and Dikran Taş. The studio in Çemberlitaş, like all the other metal working studios, is being forced to relocate from their historic location. The sound design is done by Doğuş Bitecik.