Love it or Leave it (2005)

Installation I Fischer Gallery, Oberlin, Ohio

Love it or Leave it was a response to the post 9/11 climate in the USA. Each object in the exhibition is a talisman that provide an alternative notion of security and protection in a fear inducing world.

The Flag
Wall hanging, encaustic paint, moth pieces from inflatables, beads


American Dream
Matress, fish net, eggs, plastic easter eggs, mirror, inflatable water bed, plaster pillow
Installed sound piece (Let me speak for myself) by Ami Dang

Umbrella, inflatable lifesaving devices, found fabric / in collaboration with Elizabeth Gallardo, for Zeynep Turuthan

The Prayer Mat
Plastic “Proud to be American” sign, thread, yoga mat

Promised Land
Fig skin, pins, bell, campus, bell, plaster