Libertas Securitas Justitia (2010)

C print, 100×70 cm I in collaboration with Burcu Yağız Yançatarol I curabodrum residency 2010

Aegean Sea and its coasts facilitate migratory activities and witness both the struggle of the immigrants trying to get into Fortress Europe, as well as violently organized operations of Frontex (The European Border Agency) to prevent this activity. Poseidon Operation has been carried out since 2006 autonomously, unrestricted by any national or international law, to monitor and block the migratory activity between Greek and Turkish shores. Slogan of Frontex, ‘Libertas Securitas Justitia’ emerges ironically from the core of the reality being experienced in the Aegean waters as a ‘shared’ dream.IzOztatBurcuYYancatarolLibertasSecuritasJustitia2010