Karl Marx from the other side (2012)

in collaboration with .-_-. I Apartmant Project Berlin

IzOztat.-_-.KarlMarxFromTheOtherSide2012_0     IzOztat.-_-.KarlMarxFromTheOtherSide2012_2w

Encountering the iconic image of Karl Marx mostly in institutional settings dedicated to engineering the legacy of socialism in unified Berlin, we realized that all the simplified depictions of Marx are almost identical.

We chose such an iconic portrait of Marx drawn by Namık İsmail in 1919 for the first issue of Kurtuluş (Befreiung), which was a socialist journal published by “Turkish Spartacists” in Berlin. This drawing was reproduced as linoleum prints and given to contributers, who were asked to imagine and draw Marx from the other side.

This work is a minor gesture to speculate and reflect on the specters of Marx at a moment marked by late capitalism and immaterial production, which aims to encourage the need for re-evaluating Marx’s writing on industrial production within today’s Post-Fordist conditions beyond just an iconic image of Karl Marx that we are presented with.

The project is dedicated to public domain, taking a position that rejects the notion of intellectual property.

IzOztat.-_-.KarlMarxFromTheOtherSide2012_1w  IzOztat.-_-.KarlMarxFromTheOtherSide2012_3w

23 pieces of 10.7×15.2cm linoleum prints of a Karl Marx portrait, on the other side of which people were asked to imagine and draw how Marx would have looked from the back.

Dedicated to public domain by the following contributors: .-_-., Artist,  Berk Asal, Göksu Kunak, Grandchild of K.M, Ingo Frischeisen, ilse, İz Öztat, James Cameron, Senem, the new generation, Yaso, Zelda Marx and 12 other anonymous contributors.