Display and Conservation (2010)

Installation I Arter

Display and Conservation has been commissioned by Arter for “Second Exhibition”, which has been curated with a focus on institutional critique and production support. The installation suggests a display iconography with architectural fragments -as The Ottoman Empire did when invited to participate in World Fairs in the second half of 20th century-, which reference ideological use of exhibition practice. The installation is intended to create a theme-park feeling, allowing the historical references to materialize towards today’s festivalism, city marketing and ephemeral architecture.

The physical part of the installation is accompanied by a touchscreen display on the wall, which allows the spectators to navigate through a subjective and associative archive. This interface suggests multiple connections and entry points for a historical narrative that situates contemporary art practice in relation to the secularization and westernization projects. It is placed in the wall, somewhere between the installation and institution.

For more information:

A potential playground void of memory, myth and narrative, Iz Oztat Interviewed by Burcu Yancatarol Yagiz

Published in Second Exhibition Book, Arter Publications, 2010