TEXTS on Iz Oztat’s Work

Mekanın Belleğine Atılan Son Çizik I Murat Alat, Artfulliving, Mayıs 2016

Reimagining Nature as Culture: Expanding the Boundaries of Making and Thinking of Art in the Anthropocene I Aslı Seven, ArteEastQuarterly, Spring 2016

İz Öztat and Peer on Sculpture for Rainwater Harvest I www.m-est.org, 2015

International exhibition censored by Turkish Embassy in Madrid I indexoncensorship.org, 2014

Autour de la Biennale de Lyon, Marc Lenot I lunettesrouges.blog.lemonde.fr

Place: Image or Experience, Nazlı Gürlek I Published in Flash Art International, No 286, October 2012

Bir Duygulanım Olarak Arşive Dalmak, Seda Yörüker I Published in Genç Sanat Magazine, No 207, July August 2012

A potential playground void of memory, myth and narrative, Iz Oztat Interviewed by Burcu Yancatarol Yagiz I Published in Second Exhibition Book, Arter Publications, 2010

 Cura Bodrum // Deneyimin kutsal çeşmesiyle fildişi kule arasında, Interview with Lara Fresko I Published in BOLTART online journal, 2010

Ununu elemiş, eleğini PiST’e asmış, Şebnem Soher I Published in Radikal Newspaper, 2008

Publications by Iz Oztat produced as part of installations

Who Carries The Water I with Fatma Belkıs I reproduced with a mimeograph machine as part of the installation Who Carries The Water, 14th Istanbul Biennial, 2015

Publication for “Conducted in depth and projected at length” I İz Öztat with Zişan, 2014

Publication for “Every name in History is I and I is other” I İz Öztat with Zişan, conversation with Nazlı Gürlek, 2013

Publication for “A Selection from Zişan’s Utopie Folder (1917-1919)”, İz Öztat with Zişan, conversations with Cristina Anglada, Judith Raum and Juan Sánchez, 2013

Texts by Iz Oztat

I hear I m-est.org, 2016

Duyuyorum I 5harfliler.com, 2016

Things that will have to matter I collectorspace publications no:5, 2015

Conversation: Füsun Onur with İz Öztat I m-est.org, 2014

Burak Delier’in Sessizlik Performansı Üzerine I Published in Art Unlimited, April 2013

An Unusual Support Structure In The Making: Cda-Projects Grant for Artistic Research and Production I Published in That Magazine, March, 2012

Reclaiming by Revelation I Published in Public Idea- Artistic Approaches to the Urban Sphere of İstanbul, Revolver Publishing, 2011

Interview with Şener Özmen I Published in A Şener Özmen Book, art-ist Publications and Revolver Publishing, 2011

Introduction: At the threshold between idea and crime I Published in When Ideas Become Crime, Exhibition Catalogue, 2010

The Contemporary Arts Library in Prishtina/ Berlin, Judith Raum, Fitore Isufi-Koja, Iz Oztat I Published in RES, Art World/ World Art,  No:3, May 2009

International Branches, Local Initiatives, or a Structure We Cannot Imagine Yet I BOLTART online journal, 2009